Author Topic: Treadmill MakeyMakey Controller to explore Google Earth Street View.  (Read 4013 times)


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Well, we had partial success. The goal was to motivate myself to exercise by setting up my treadmill and Google Earth Street View. The more I walk, the more of the earth I get to see. In theory - AWESOME! It's still a little glitchy, but I did get it to work, (sort of).

Failed attempt #1: We intially tried this by applying aluminum tape to the belt of the treadmill. This failed for several reasons, namely, the treadmill is flexy and stretches as it rotates and aluminum tape does not. After about three or four revolutions the tape became puckery, (which is dangerous, because the edges of this stuff are sharp and in order to make a good connection, you have to walk on the treadmill barefoot. After a half-dozen rotations, the foil tape just snaps. Boo hiss.

Failed attempt #2: So then I just made "switches" out of the aluminum tape connected to the handles of the treadmill. If I had thought about it for two seconds, I'd have realized, this was doomed, because the handles are mostly metal and the tapes are conductive and more than one controller hooked to different tape tags is like having everything clipped to the same tag.

Failed attempt #3: Okay, so one tag on the metal handles works fine... provided you don't switch-on the treadmill. For some reason, having the treadmill turned on just lights up everything like a Christmas tree and nothing works... which defeats the purpose of having the treadmill.

Success, attempt #4: (Kinda). Basically, I turned on google earth maps, walked on my treadmill and just held the connection for forward motion in one hand and the ground in the other hand. So, kinda lame, (plus google earth street view lacks the fluidity you might find in a computer game. It's basically made up of a bazillion still shots rather than a video, and I could have just used my mouse on the console of my treadmill for the same effect.

ALMOST! We'll keep trying! Let me know if you have suggestions to make the treadmill work. I love the notion of traveling the earth, virtually, using the treadmill as my controller, but maybe Google Earth isn't quite ready for me yet. I'm not adverse to exploring GTA or another large world game via the treadmill. (I never use cars in GTA anyway.)



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Re: Treadmill MakeyMakey Controller to explore Google Earth Street View.
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2015, 10:23:12 AM »
Hey Annette,

Wow!  That sounds so cool.
Thanks for posting such in depth review. . . .

That's a really cool project.  It does seem like Street View might just not be at that level yet.  I guess Moore's Law and self-driving cars w/ cameras could make this smoother within the next few years.



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Re: Treadmill MakeyMakey Controller to explore Google Earth Street View.
« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2015, 06:33:34 PM »
Look!  Someone made another version on the Twitter!


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