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Frequently Asked Questions

Placing an Order

Existing Orders

International Orders

Makey Makey Boards

Circuit Scribe Mini Pens

Educational Orders

Is there an educator discount?

Yes! We're all about educators! We offer discounts to those of you who bring Invention Literacy to the world in your schools, museums, libraries, summer camps, homeschooling and unschooling communities, after-school programs, and makerspaces.

We offer discounted education pricing as follows:

Makey Makey STEM Pack: Classroom Invention Literacy Kit V.2 - Item# MMCK

  • 1+, $699.95/unit ($850 value)

Makey Makey Classic V.1.2 (Simple Box) - Item# MMCE

  • 1+, $44.95/unit (10% discount)
  • 36+, $42.46/unit (15% discount)
  • 72+, $39.96/unit (20% discount)

Makey Makey GO - Item# MMGO

  • 1+, $19.95/unit

Makey Makey Booster Kit with Circuit Scribe Pens - Item# MMBKPENS

  • 1+, $19.95/unit

Makey Makey Extra Alligator Clips - Item# MMCA

  • 1+, $9.95/unit

Can I use a purchase order?

We do work with organizations via Purchase Orders. An estimated quote for product and shipping costs can be generated by using this online Estimate/Order Form.

When your Estimate/Order Form has been submitted, we will contact you within 1 to 2 business days. If you are using a Purchase Order, you can submit it to for the fastest processing time. Mail and fax are also accepted. Refer below for our company information.

Once your quote/purchase order has been accepted, orders are typically processed and shipped within a week. An invoice with Net30 terms will be sent once the product has left our warehouse.

Or if this is your ordering preference, we can set you up in our online Makey Shop with educational discounted pricing. Orders placed this way are paid for with a credit card or PayPal upon checkout. With this method, you will be able to choose the shipping and handling that best suits your needs, and will receive automated tracking updates as your order is shipped. Please email if you would like an account set up for you. We will provide you with the educational discount code for our Makey Makey Classic Kits.

Do you accept international education orders?

Educational orders shipping outside of the United States are placed online through our Makey Shop and paid for upon checkout. With this method you will be able to choose the shipping and handling that best suits your needs, and will receive automated tracking updates as your order is shipped. Please refer further below in our FAQ for important international shipping information.

If you would like to place an order with educational discounted pricing through our Makey Shop, please email and we will create your online account. Please include your tax-exempt documentation, if applicable.

Once we have completed the initial process you will receive an automated email from our system prompting you to follow a link and complete your account. After completing all your customer information, you will be able to order immediately, and as often as your organization wishes.

How do I become tax-exempt?

If you are tax-exempt, please send us your documentation to along with your initial purchase order or your request for an online Makey Shop customer account. You can refer above for more information on both ordering systems.

How do I get your W-9?

Click here for our W9.

Are you a sole source vendor?

Here are our notarized documents for the following products:

What is the contact information for JoyLabz?

PO Box 1444
Santa Cruz, CA 95061
Phone: (831) 460-6242
Fax: (831) 604-8914

Placing an Order

Can I sell Makey Makey in my store?

We have a happy family of resellers around the globe! If you think Makey Makey is a good product for you to carry, please reach out to us!

Contact our sales department.

Shipping options

We use carrier calculated shipping to give you the best rate on the best shipping options available for your specific location.

You can see specific shipping options and prices after entering your order and shipping address in our webshop.

Will I pay sales tax?

United States

Sales tax is only collected within the operating states of CA, FL, or IL. If you are located in these states, please calculate the relevant sales tax to your location. If you are a tax-exempt organization (in any state), please send your documentation to before you order.


International orders usually incur customs fees, duties, and/or taxes on the way. I'm sorry to say we have no control over these fees and we can't foresee the amount or pay it for you.

Please make sure you are up to date on the customs and import rules and in your country, as they vary greatly from place to place, item to item, and even by shipping company.

Existing Orders

When will my order ship?

We ship in-stock orders as soon as possible, usually within 1-2 business days after the order has been submitted. When you place your order, please allow time for processing in addition to the transit time once it has shipped. You will receive an automated email from our system with tracking upon shipment.

How can I edit my shipping address?

Contact our support team right away! But keep in mind our system starts processing orders fast so it's possible it'll ship before we get a chance to change the address.

Contact our support team and please include your order number and updated address.

How can I cancel my order?

Contact our support team right away with your order number! We'll do what we can to help you out, but please keep in mind our system starts processing orders quickly.

Contact our support team and please include your order number.

How can I get an invoice for my order?

Reach out to our support team and provide your order number and we'll get back to you with an invoice.

Contact our support team and include your order number.

How can I track my order?

After placing your order you should've gotten an email confirming your purchase. Once your order ships, you will receive an email with the subject Shipping Confirmation (order 12345). In that email there's a link where you can track your package.

Some shipping methods don't offer tracking for international orders. Please check your spam folder in case the confirmation got lost there.

Can I return my order?

Returns can be made within 90 days of purchase. We can only accept returns for kits that are unopened and in good condition. We will refund the original payment method minus shipping. Sorry, we can't accept returns after the 90 day window.

Contact our support team with your order number and we'll send you a return shipping label.

International Orders

Do you ship to my country? (International)

Probably! We ship all over the world, with the exception of Belarus, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Crimea Ukraine, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Lebanon, Liberia, Myanmar, Palestinian Territories, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, and Zimbabwe.

What are the shipping options? (International)

For 1 Makey Makey Classic Simple Box we have USPS First Class mail - Starting at $14.95 - Low cost, no frills shipping. For destinations in Canada and the UK, expect delivery in approximately 2 weeks. Other international destinations take about 3-4 weeks. Please note that this service does not offer tracking or insurance.

You can see specific shipping options and prices after entering your order and shipping address in our webshop.

Once a shipment leaves our warehouse it is at the whim of your country's postal service. We are not able to provide proof of delivery or provide advice on where it is in route. While rare, it is still possible for a shipment to hang out in customs for weeks at a time. Although most of the time we can rely on this service, it might not be wise to choose this if you have a hard deadline. We don't recommend USPS First Class Mail for international orders over $100 USD.

Any international shipments may be subject to customs fees, and are the responsibility of you, the customer, to pay.

USPS first class international orders may take longer to arrive than the estimated timeframe indicated at checkout.

How can I track my order?

After placing your order you should've gotten an email confirming your purchase. Once your order ships, you will receive an email with the subject Shipping Confirmation (order 12345). In that email there's a link where you can track your package - BUT - tracking is not available in all countries. It's possible that your tracking link will show the package stuck in the United States when it is actually still on its way. Please be patient, some international shipments can take up to 4 weeks to arrive.

Do I need to pay customs fees?

International orders usually incur customs fees, duties, and/or taxes on the way. I'm sorry to say we have no control over these fees and we can't foresee or pay them for you.

Please make sure you are up to date on the customs and import rules and in your country, as they vary greatly from place to place, item to item, and even by shipping company.

Makey Makey Boards

How does Makey Makey work?

Makey Makeys work just like a USB keyboard or mouse, sending keyboard (WASD, spacebar, etc) and mouse (left click, right click, etc) signals to your computer.

Makey Makey Classic works through opening and closing circuits, just like any other button. Instead of the circuit being closed underneath your keyboard, the circuit is closed through the conductive objects you connect with alligator clips like your hand or your lunch or some tinfoil. When the circuit is closed, the Makey Makey sends a command to your computer, just like when a button is pressed on a keyboard.

Makey Makey GO works through capacitance, like a button on a touchscreen. When you connect something to the Makey Makey GO, the GO senses the capacity of that object to hold electricity. When you touch the connected object, that capacity suddenly expands to include your whole body! And the Makey Makey GO senses the difference and sends a command to your computer.

How are Makey Makey Classic and Makey Makey GO different?

To start, Makey Makey Classic uses resistive sensing and Makey Makey GO uses capacitive sensing (see previous answer for more).

Makey Makey Classic
  • Outputs: 18
  • Connector: Plugs in with a USB cable
  • Size: 3 68 x 1 78 inches
  • Sensor type: Resistive
  • Price: $49.95
  • Better for more complicated projects using multiple buttons.

Makey Makey GO
  • Outputs: 1
  • Connector: Plugs directly into computer, like a USB drive
  • Size: 3 14 x 78 inches
  • Sensor type: Capacitive
  • Price: $24.95
  • More portable, better for inventing on the GO and for simpler one-button projects.

What operating systems does Makey Makey run on?

Makey Makey works on Windows, Mac, Chromebook and on many flavors of Linux (Ubuntu, etc.)

If the device supports a USB keyboard or mouse, it should work with Makey Makey.

Does Makey Makey work with mobile devices and tablets?

Makey Makey works on some tablets and mobile devices, but is not officially supported.

How do I remap keys?

With a Makey Makey GO or Makey Makey Classic V1.2 or later, you can easily remap keys directly in your browser at:

If your Makey Makey Classic is older than V1.2, you can reprogram your Makey Makey to output different keystrokes using the Arduino software. You can read more about that here in the Sparkfun tutorial.

How do I find out what version I have?

From version 1.2 we have printed the version on the back of the circuit board as pictured below. Older versions don't have a version number printed on them.

Can I use multiple Makey Makeys on one computer?

Yes! You can plug in multiple Makey Makey Classics and Makey Makey GOs at once and create an orchestra of Makey Makeys! (tested with up to 3, but could work for more).

How do I use the back of the Makey Makey Classic?

You can use the top row of connectors on the back of the Makey Makey to power small motors and LEDs. Here's what the pins do and how to use them.

  • KEY OUT is activated when any of the alphanumeric keys are triggered.
  • MS OUT is triggered when any of the mouse actions are triggered.
  • /RESET resets the board when that pin is grounded.
  • 5V is always sending 5 volts of power when the Makey Makey is plugged in.
  • GND is an extra EARTH
  • PGD and PGC are for programming at the factory.

GND is the same as Earth on the bottom of the board and works to ground small motors and LEDs connected from either the MS OUT or KEY OUT pins.

To trigger small motors and LEDs, wire your device from either the KEY OUT or MS OUT to the GND pin. The attachment will receive 5 volts of power from KEY OUT when any of the keys (spacebar, WASD, etc) on the Makey Makey are Earthed - regardless of remapping. The same is true for MS OUT; when any mouse actions are Earthed (mouse directions, right click, left click), 5 volts are sent to your device.

Checkout the forums for help and inspiration with projects!

How many keys can be pressed at once on a Makey Makey?

Makey Makey Classic can press as many keys as your computer allows at once, which is probably 6. You can use up to 18 in a session (6 on the front of Makey Makey and 12 on the back), but only 6 can be held down simultaneously on most operating systems.

Makey Makey GO can send one key press at a time.

How many alligator clips come with a Makey Makey?

Makey Makey STEM Pack: Classroom Invention Literacy Kit comes with 12 Makey Makey Classics, 72 extra alligator clips 18 inches in length, 144 new and improved connector wires, 12 alligator clips 6 feet in length, 12 connector wires 6 feet in length, and 12 Makey Makey-Optimized Conductive 6B Pencils. More

Makey Makey Classic comes with 7 alligator clips 18 inches in length, and 6 connector wires 5 1/2 inches in length. Also 1 usb cable 5 feet in length. No extra purchases necessary to start inventing! More

Makey Makey GO comes with 1 alligator clip 18 inches in length. More

Makey Makey Alligator Clips is a package of 7 alligator clips 18 inches in length. More

Makey Makey Invention Booster Kit comes with 1 alligator clip 6 feet in length, and 1 jumper wire 6 feet, as well as a 6 Inch Square of Conductive Fabric, 30 feet of Conductive Soft Tape and a Makey Makey-Optimized Conductive 6B Pencil. More

My Makey Makey broke, what should I do?

If your Makey Makey isn't functioning correctly or a piece is broken, reach out to our support team and be sure to include:

  • A picture of the damage
  • The approximate date of your order
  • Your order number

And we'll get back to you soon.

Sorry your Makey Makey isn't working right!

Contact our tech support team and include the above.

Is Makey Makey safe?

Makey Makey is very safe. For example, we see a lot of Makey Makey projects that involve water, and as we all know, water and electricity do not usually mix -- in many situations this combination is an absolute no-no, but with Makey Makey it's fine. Makey Makey is different because it is powered by a USB connection, not AC current. The voltage is similar to that provided by 3 AA batteries (or in technical terms, 50 microamps); enough electricity to have a lot of fun, but not enough to do any harm.

Another thing to note is that we experience more electrical charge with normal daily activities like walking on carpet or wearing polyester clothing. Lastly, Makey Makey uses resistive touch sensing that is present in many consumer electronic products and is FCC compliant.

Here are some considerations to follow when using Makey Makey:

  • Makey Makey should be used according to its intended use via the USB cable provided to a USB compliant port.
  • Never connect Makey Makey to an AC outlet.
  • If product is damaged or broken, please discontinue use and contact Makey Makey support.

We hope this is helpful and relieves some of your concerns. Please be in touch with any other questions!

Does Makey Makey work with MIDI?

The easiest way to use Makey Makey with MIDI is to configure your computer keyboard to send MIDI through your music software. Ableton and Reason allow you to configure your computer keyboard (a,s,d,f, etc) to trigger MIDI notes. The Makey Makey then triggers keyboard presses and you're good to go.

The advanced way is to write a script that accepts keyboard presses and outputs MIDI notes. We have used this downloadable script in the language 'processing' which you can use along with the soundcipher library. But you can write your own script too!

You can also convert keystrokes to MIDI using Javascript, here's an example.

Why is my Makey Makey working without EARTH?

Makey Makey is a tool for exploration. If it's working without being grounded, then what does that mean? Well, it means you actually are grounded in some other way than on the board. One way is by rubbing your feet with socks on the carpet. This will trigger the Makey Makey once, without being officially 'grounded'. Another example of 'always being grounded' is humidity - sometimes in tropical climates the air can act as ground. On a similar note (but not completely related) sometimes people's hands are not conductive if they are too dry. We're giving these examples because there is no wrong and right way to use Makey Makey, and we encourage people to explore.

Have a question not frequently asked? Contact our support team.

Circuit Scribe Mini Pens

What's the conductivity of Circuit Scribe?

The resistance of the ink is 0.5 to 10 ohms for a 1cm line. However, it depends on the paper that you are writing on. There are about 2 ohms/cm on standard copy paper and 0.5 ohms/cm on photo paper.

What's the difference between Circuit Scribe and a No. 2 Pencil?

Circuit Scribe is MUCH more conductive! You could not get enough power through graphite traces to power an LED or motor. When measured, the resistance of pen traces can be 5 to 8 mega-ohms/cm with a single pass, and 30 to 60 kilo-ohms/cm with a lot of scribbling!

My pen doesn't look full, looks like it leaked, or just looks strange. What should I do?

The Circuit Scribe conductive ink pen is unique because it contains about 20% pure silver by volume, so it acts a little differently from a normal pen. The dense silver particles tend to settle to the bottom of the pen after sitting for more than 24 hours, but they will re-disperse if you shake lightly, draw for a few minutes, or simply carry the pen around in your pocket!

If the ink settles, it is common for the pen to look half-full. However, the pens ship with 1ml of ink, and if you lightly shake them that entire volume will look full. There is also a white ball at the top of the ink column that indicates the ink level.

Check out the Circuit Scribe Pen Maintenance page for more helpful tips.

What is the shelf life?

An unopened pen has a shelf life of about a year. Once it's open, the pen will write smoothly for at least 6 months. After that time, the tip might dry out, but you can scribble on a damp paper towel to get it working again.

How long do traces stay conductive?

Circuits drawn 3 years ago still work today!

How much can I draw with one pen?

You can draw 60 to 80 meters (196 to 260 feet) of traces with a single pen.

What paper should I use to write on?

Circuit Scribe will write on anything that your everyday rollerball pen will. Regular printer paper, construction paper, cardstock and photo paper all work. The pen is not recommended for woven fabrics, but it's been tried on neoprene, leather/vinyl, and Tyvek. Have fun, and experiment on different mediums!

What is the max current the ink can handle?

The ink can support a maximum current of 175mA on standard copy paper. Higher currents cause joule heating, which create a drop in resistance due to sintering the particles. Current exceeding 400 mA might break the trace in a thin spot.

What's the maximum voltage?

The maximum voltage depends on the distance of your ground and high voltage (HV) trace. You should also consider the distance the magnetic backing is to the paper (i.e. keep it well-insulated with multiple sheets of paper). We do not recommend using high voltages (above 36V) due to safety.

What is your return policy?

If any of your Circuit Scribe mini pens still do not work after trying the pen maintenance tips, please send an email to with your name, shipping address, a note that you purchased the Makey Makey STEM Pack, and the number of pens that are having issues. Circuit Scribe will send you replacements directly.

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