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High-Five Sliders: A fun way to make a presentation
« on: July 01, 2013, 02:34:40 AM »
High-Five Sliders: A fun way to make a presentation

Participants will explore different types of conductive materials and create wearable devices that are designed to advance slides in a presentation when two people high-five each other. This activity can be integrated into an assignment that requires a presentation or students can choose to develop a presentation of their choice as part of this activity.

This project is designed to allow participants to explore a variety of conductive materials and be creative with making a wearable item. Each team of students can come up with a different creation by choosing which materials to choose for the project.

Conductive Materials
• conductive thread
• aluminum foil
• copper tape
• paper clips
• wire

Other Materials:
• Felt squares or other pieces of fabric
• Velcro strips
• cardboard
• plastic tubing
• anything else that can be formed into something wearable
• sewing needles
• pliers

At least one Makey Makey board

Making Activity:

1. Start the activity with a brief discussion explaining the goals of the project.

The goal of this project is for participants to create something that can be worn by two or more people while they give a presentation using PowerPoint or other presentation software.

In teams of 2-3, students will create wearable devices that will connect to the Makey Makey (right arrow, earth and left arrow). The device will be used to control slides in a presentation. It’s a fun way for a team of presenters to conduct a presentation.

2. Introduce the conductive materials and the Makey Makey

A conductive material allows electricity to flow through it. Show the students the different types of conductive materials available. The various materials from wire, foil and conductive thread allow participants to be creative in making something wearable.

3. Teams design their creations
Allow the teams to select the materials for their devices. Encourage them to be creative.

Each team of 2-3 will make 2-3 wearable devices. At minimum teams should make one that will connect to earth and another that will connect to the right arrow on the Makey Makey board. If there is a third team member, then the third device will be connected to the left arrow (to go back a slide in a presentation).

The conductive material on their device should be connected to the alligator clip that attaches to the Makey Makey inputs and should also touch the skin of the person wearing the device in some way. More than one conductive material can be used.

Some examples of possible devices include: cardboard bracelets wrapped in aluminum foil, fabric arm band sewn with conductive thread, plastic tubing necklace with copper tape around it. The attached photo shows a team of girls in our afterschool program that created wearable wrist bands using felt, conductive thread and copper tape. They are attached using velcro strips.

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4. Test the devices
After the first versions of the devices are done, teams can test by connecting one to earth and the other to the right arrow. While wearing the devices, the presentation slide should advance to the next slide after the testers high five each other.

5. Troubleshooting

If the devices don’t work on the first try, participants should check if contact is being made between the conductive material and the skin.

Things to try:

Sew conductive thread directly on to t-shirts or other clothing that presenters can wear to make a presentation

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Re: High-Five Sliders: A fun way to make a presentation
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Ha, neat
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