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dementia and playing cards
« on: March 28, 2013, 06:22:32 PM »
I have a friend with dementia and I used the MaKey MaKey along with Scratch to help us out when we play one of my friend's favorite card games. My friend loves an old card game called "Phase 10." Years ago, we would all be lucky to win any hands against my friend but now my friend sometimes struggles with even remembering which "phase" they are on. This is a game where there are ten phases of card play and players get to move to new phases after completing their current phase. The end goal is to complete all ten phases before anyone else. Each phase is a unique set of tasks to complete in one hand before another player goes completely out and ends that hand, with variations such as "seven of one color," "four of a kind and four in a row," etc. You can probably imagine how this may become problematic for someone like my friend who is beginning to struggle with memory issues.

So I threw something together in Scratch and made sure it works with my MaKey MaKey. A longstanding joke between my friend and I is that I always jokingly accuse my friend of cheating and storing cards in their sleeves, so I recorded myself saying things such as "[friend's name] is cheating again!"

I then made a simple graphic in big print letters that shows each phase and what is needed for each phase.

I made a random statement that will randomly select one of the audio files when a certain key is pressed and then update the graphic to show the current phase.

Now when my friend and I play, they simply hit a homemade button I made for them, and with my laptop hooked to their television, they can see which phase they are on at any time while the TV accuses them of storing cards under the table every time they complete a phase.
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Re: dementia and playing cards
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2013, 02:52:25 PM »
Sounds like an amazing project James! It's a great way to bring that old game back to your friend and I bet he's real pleased with it :D