Author Topic: How to set up a one person band, with "lots" of fruit/connections?  (Read 1886 times)


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I need to build a apparatus to hold about 30 fruit. All of these fruit will be grouped into different instruments such, like piano, drums, sound effects etc. Basically I need a set up to make very tribal,psychedelic, trippy, trance like, death metal type music. So I need a lot of these makey makey connections, I plan on using my hands, fingers and feet, to give the illusion of a band. What is everything I need? How can I keep costs low?  Does the electrical feed have to go through a piano before going into the computer? Also what are ways to handle that many feeds? Are the programs like garage band or ableton that I have to use to get the desired sounds I need?

Any advice on how to do this, and what I need?


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Re: How to set up a one person band, with "lots" of fruit/connections?
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Hey corsaiRally,

Wow!  That sounds awesome.

One Makey Makey Classic has 18 keys it can create.  If you really want to have 30 different sounds you'll need two boards.

You don't need to run the Makey Makey through an instrument - you can't, really.  The Makey Makey just outputs key/mouse commands.  The software on your computer turns that into sounds.

Do you have the sound samples you want to use already?
If so, I would recommend using Soundplant
Poke around on the website and see if that's what you're looking for.

All the best,