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Museum Interactive.
« on: December 21, 2015, 10:02:45 AM »

I have been secretly lurking here for a while. And its about time I share my latest project.

I work as a Digital Creator at York Museums Trust in the UK. I recently got asked to make a portrait interactive in the art gallery. I made a patch in Isadora that uses live video and some masking to remove part of the digital image and replace it with the users face. It's actually really simple and all runs on a self contained apple mac.

The problem I had was how the user 'activates' the image.... because when not in use the digital image looks 'in-tact'. I knew I needed a button... but how could I get a button to talk to my software? Hello Makey Makey!

The install has been a great success! hundreds of people use it each day and all aspects have worked flawlessly.

Thanks to Makey Makey for making is super easy to get working! Normally we/I would have to pay someone to make a custom electronics box, hacked keyboard and make a DIY button - or be limited to buying a fancy media server with GPIO/serial buttons.... but I couldn't (easily) use any of those options due to the custom software I was running.

You can see some images here:


Graham (skulpture)