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Mists of Audazzle
« on: May 24, 2015, 05:01:51 AM »
Hey Guys, we are at the very early stages of a game making game platform. It will particularly allow blind and visually impaired gamers to make games for themselves and everyone else. To start we made a prototype with my eldest daughter who had eye cancer when she was very young. In launching our kickstarter we stumbled on the Makey Makey community and are in awe of what might be done by you.

We need makers like you to show us or tell us what you can do to make our idea even more accessible to even more potential game makers, story tellers. Please reach out if you can help us prototype new ways for people to join in the Mists of Audazzle.

so excited by the potential of Makey Makey to connect people in game making fun!
trying our best to help make an accessible and inclusive video game world where blind and visually impaired people can independently join in the fun of making too. volunteer inventors and makers needed!