Author Topic: Vodafone Spain Foundation launched “I Edition #ASPACEnet Developers Awards”.  (Read 3446 times)


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This is a new competition to promote the development of mobile technology solutions based in Android OS to improve life quality for people with cerebral palsy.
The programme is supported and co-organized by ASPACE, the NGO that represents the interests of 18 thousands who suffer this disease in Spain.

Launched in Madrid, the competition will award the solutions across three different categories as follows:
  • Application # ASPACEnet: This refers to the best mobile application that adds value to the group of cerebral palsy.  The app should support customization and accessibility settings.
  • Management Module and peripheral connectivity: This refers to a peripheral connectivity solution (especially assistive technology support) for Android devices, supporting adaptation to ecosystem # ASPACEnet*.
  • III-Screen scanning system: This refers to the best solution to facilitate the use of mobile phone by scanning access technology display.

The closing date for the submissions is on January 15th, 2014. All qualifying entries will be evaluated by a jury, consisting of representatives from ASPACE  and Vodafone Spain Foundation.  The total prize fund of the €30.000 will be split equally between the three winners.
For more information on the contest and submit your entry:

*ecosystem # ASPACEnet*: This platform includes important functionalities to provide a fully access to mobile device. Third-party  applications will be able to be connected to the platform and use functionalities as sharing a multimode (text, image, audio...) message automatically (Whatsapp, Gmail, ..) or use mobile features like calling someone. The communication method between modules is based on Android Broadcast Intents with special parameters.